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Our online database contains only a portion of the equipment we have available. If you do not see what you need, please Contact us.
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We engineer, design, and custom make and/or modify parts and equipment for special use in the food processing and packaging.  Contact us  for details.
JLJ Enterprises, Inc.’s experienced team of professionals offer the following services:
Seamer Service & Installation:
We provide Free technical advice over the phone. We also will, upon request, have one of our Seamer Service Technicians visit your facility and aid you with the repair of your Seamer(s)/Closing Machines. In addition, we can give you a general audit of Seamer, (Closing Machine), make recommendations, and provide training classes on general repairs and maintenance of your Seamer. (Closing Machines)
If you purchase a Reconditioned Seamer (Closing Machine) from us, we will:
  • Furnish you a free training class at our facility or give one at your facility at reduced service rates.
  • We will also aid with installation and start up of equipment upon request. Please contact us for our service rate information.
Our Seamer Service Technicians are qualified to repair and recondition the following Seamers (Closing Machines):
  • Angelus Models, 10P, 26P, 29P, 29P42, 40P, 40S, 50P, 51P, 53P, 58P, 59P, 69P, 72P, 73P, 75P, 60L, 61H, 62H, 100L, 101L, 120L.
  • American Can (Canco) Models, 06, 08, 422, 400, 458, 459, (others).
  • We also have a network of associates who can furnish service and reconditioning of Continental Seamers (Closing Machines) from the older Model Panamas to the new Model 2000 Series Machines.
JLJ Enterprises, Inc. specializes in Seamers (Closing Machines), Seamer Parts and options for Seamers, (Closing Machines). Some available options include: Topper Units, Worm Feed Devices, Date Coders, Type, Lift Kits, Stretch Kits, Custom made and/or modified Change Parts, Special Knockout Pads, Shrouding for gassing, Safety Enclosures, Special Custom Built Stainless Steel Tables, Filler Drive Hook Ups, etc., etc. Please call or email us with your specific needs.
For installation of Seamers (Closing Machines) or installation of complete packaging line, we are also associated with several companies who aid with complete line installation. We sell New Equipment for companies who believe in our philosophy of quality and customer service. Some examples include: Del Overcapper Co. and Elmar Filler Co.
Repair & Change Parts:
JLJ Enterprises, Inc. stocks over $10 million worth of Change Parts and repair parts for Seamers (Closing Machines). If for some reason we don’t have what you need in stock, we will aid you in finding what ever your needs are. In an emergency, we will immediately address your problems and try to help in any way possible. We custom-modify change parts for easy height change parts and also custom make and/or modify change parts for special can diameters and tapered containers.

Note: Our lead-time (availability) on delivery of parts is, in a lot of cases, next day for machine proper parts. Custom change parts usually take two weeks or more to allow for time to custom modify and fit your containers and to manufacture new chucks and rolls to your can suppliers specifications.
Reconditioned Seamers:
We stock reconditioned Angelus and American Can (Canco) seamers. Our experienced seamer technicians work daily on reconditioning machines for our customers and inventory. On any equipment not reconditioned on date of order, we try to work with our customers to accommodate the requested date of delivery. We offer both reconditioned and select “as is” equipment. We recondition all makes and models of seamers as well as labelers, case packers, palletizers, depalletizers and other equipment, dependent upon requirements. To request a quote, please advise of your needs.
Provide 24-Hour Emergency Service:
We provide Free technical advice on Seamers (Closing Machines), etc. over the phone. On site training on care and maintenance of Seamer (Closing Machine), is available as well as technical advise on proper line lay outs and installation.
Custom Made and/or Modified Parts and Equipment:
Our engineering, design and drafting department can aid you with re-designing a part or piece of equipment to meet your special needs. We also design Nitrogen Tunnels, Nitrogen Gassing, Safety Enclosures and Shrouding for Seamers and Fillers, etc. We custom build air or Ionize can cleaners. We custom design Stainless Steel Infeed Tables with or without special custom made worm feed unit to couple most make and model fillers to almost any Seamer (Closing Machine). Our machine and fabrication shop, working with our Engineers, and associates can complete any task give in remarkable time. They pride themselves on their quality of workmanship and the ability to meet almost any project deadline for completion.
Plant and Warehouse Liquidation:
JLJ Enterprises, Inc. will aid in the liquidation of your plant. We buy surplus equipment and parts. We attempt to aid our customers with all of their needs. However, if we are unable to assist you, we will refer you a member of our network of associates to that they may assist you in the best way possible. Please let us know about any surplus and available equipment and/or parts that you may have.
Network of Associates:
Over the past 17 years, JLJ Enterprises, Inc. has developed a network of highly-skilled professional associates and friends that aid us to ensure customer satisfaction, quality and a reasonable completion time for all projects. Our network includes Angelus, a superior manufacturer of new Seamers (Closing Machines) and parts. Their Engineering, Manufacturing and Sales departments are, in our opinion, one of the best, if not the best, in the world. They have graciously aided us with technical advice and parts for years. Elmar Filler Co., who is one of the leading manufacturers of quality built new Fillers and Filler parts, has aided JLJ Enterprises, Inc. with technical advice on Filler Seamer hook ups, etc. since we started our company in 1989.

Note: Our associates range from the leading manufacturers of new equipment to partially retired Seamer Service Technicians. Even our competitors have graciously aided us in our pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction.
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